What is Flagster?

Flag + Poster = Flagster

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About Us

Flagster brings you premium quality flags with high-quality customizable prints which are awesome for creating a vibe for yourself, parties, events, or your business.

Flagster is a brand that revolves around pop culture and counterculture. Our core vision focuses on what lacks in today’s society – self-expression and authenticity.

Our purpose is to create a community of like-minded people who promote Flagster’s mission - Never Doubt Your Vibe!


Not so common designs.

From offices who want motivational quotes to hippies who want trippy psychedelic skull heads on their flags!


We get all kinds of requests.


Whether it’s business, party, event, prank, or your trippy paradise we got it all.
So whatever your thing is, you can get that printed on a personal, original, and super well-made high-quality flag!


Our Goal

The dream is simple. We’d love to give independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations. Creating a brave new world of forward-thinking, authenticity, and uniqueness.


Calling in all artistic types!

Like Painting? Design? Music? Dance? Rap? Anything Creative?

Collaborate with us for free. Just contact with us on contact@flagster.in and leave the rest to us. We arrange for all the printing and shipping to over 2700+ pincodes India.

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