Never Doubt Your Vibe.

Born in 2020, Flagster remains the first homegrown Indian brand to be widely known for high-quality flags. The brand was soon set in commotion to bring the touch of self-expression and authentic vibes to the world, following its addition of Tapestries.


Ever since its beginning, Flagster has been functioning as an artist who aims to bring art to real-life and make use of aesthetics to form a difference. By the means of our efforts, we wish for ease of expression - be it at parties, for decor, events, business or even as a cloak for yourself.

But nothing can limit the heights of art. We are constantly pushing our boundaries and exploring new innovations and methods, like AI generation, to create truly unique and exceptional products that will help you radiate your vibe. We strive to maintain unity and community among our customers and everyone who shares our vision.


Flagster is a destination that aspires for creative minds to never doubt their vibe and leave a mark on the world!

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